Chocolate Barney Butter Mug Cake

The Plant-Based Runner

If you have spent any time in your grocery store’s peanut butter aisle, you have probably been overwhelmed by the number of different nut butter brands….No?  Is that just me? Anyway, when it comes to finding the best almond butter, it can actually be a tricky task.  (At least I think so.) But I’m here to make that almond butter decision a little bit easier.  Enter Barney Butter.  Barney Butter is the only almond butter brand made in a 100% peanut-free facility, and all of their products are non-GMO, BPA-free, gluten-free, and vegan. I personally have never tried an almond butter that is as smooth and creamy as Barney Butter.  With flavors like Vanilla + Espresso, Honey + Flax, Raw + Chia, and Cocoa + Coconut, it’s no wonder that there is a Barney Butter craze going on! I found the Cocoa + Coconut flavor irresistible, and it ended up…

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The importance of variety.

On my journey to discovering a healthy lifestyle I realized how important it is to allow yourself to have a variety of food options. When I first began eating healthy I was very pessimistic about it, but it was mainly because I assumed that every healthy food option was going to be nasty or would... Continue Reading →

Square Bar Organics

Have you ever heard of square bar organics? If you haven't well you have now! This is by far one of my favorite protein bars out right now. Its a small but amazing bar and comes in 7 different flavors, its 230 calories (amazing for a post workout snack or even dessert), and 13 grams... Continue Reading →

How to: smoothie bowl

The weather is getting warm and you can never go wrong with a delicious smoothie or smoothie bowl on a hot summer day. And besides who doesn't love having new recipes to try? Check out this yummy recipe below: INGREDIENTS frozen blueberries frozen strawberries frozen mango coconut water If you enjoy fresh fruit over frozen... Continue Reading →

Reflection of 2017 Thus Far.

As this year is beginning to pass me by, I realize I needed to stop and take more time to spend time doing the things that I love and see if I am taking the steps that need to be taken to achieve my new year goals I created for myself. I'll start by creating... Continue Reading →

Superfood Smoothie: PitayaPlus

As I mentioned in my previous superfood post, pitaya is by far my favorite of them all. I use this in almost every smoothie I made when making fruit only smoothies. It bitter but sweet taste goes well with EVERYTHING. Below you'll find a delicious smoothie that will keep you full and taste amazing. 1... Continue Reading →

Running: A Little Goes a Long Way

2 Weeks to Health

When I tell my friends I’m a distance runner, one of the most common reactions I get is a groan, and something along the lines of “you must be crazy to run that far/that much.” While my love of running has taken me to some of the sports’ longest races, I tell them that in order to reap the myriad benefits of running, you don’t need to do much of it. Incorporating running into your weekly routine can be easy and fun!

Today, I’ll look at ways you can incorporate running into your exercise routine and take a quick look at the Copenhagen Study, illustrating some health benefits of running just a few times a week.

Use running as a warm-up/cool down

More into lifting weights at the gym? Do you get bored on the treadmill? Running can still help you get more out of your workout. Running just two…

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If You Run, You are a Runner

The Plant-Based Runner

If you run, you are a runner. Sounds simple, right? After all, the dictionary definition of “runner” is “a person or animal that runs”. However, there are too many people who put themselves down, saying that they aren’t real runners. Let me tell you, there is no such thing as a real runner. You don’t have to run sixty miles a week at a six-minute mile pace or have a slight build or high-tech running gear to be a runner. If you run slow, you are a runner. If you run fast, you are a runner. If you run once a week or even once a month you are a runner. Heck, if you run thirty seconds and walk for a minute, YOU ARE A RUNNER.

Some people think that just because they are new to running or are just trying it out for the first time, they shouldn’t be…

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